Tim Carmody

Tim Carmody

Everything changes; don't be afraid

Tim Carmody writes about media, technology, business, and culture. Formerly senior writer at Wired and senior reporter/features writer at The Verge. Currently writing at The Message.

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The Virtual Expatriates and Exurbanites of Silicon Valley | Hazlitt | Random House of Canada

Something unusual happened at Y Combinator’s Startu...


This Isn’t Franzen’s World Anymore | Hazlitt | Random House of Canada

When I’d heard novelist Jonathan Franzen had writte...

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What’s Missing in Keller and Greenwald’s Future of Journalism

Last week, Bill Keller did a funny thing. The former executive editor and current Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times, as authoritative and oracular as he is moderate and guarded, opened up a space for pointed, even frothy debate with a counterpart who on his face is as different from Keller...


Is The Web Getting Worse?

Five years ago, no one could’ve predicted the scale, shape and substance of today’s Internet, from how social networks function to the invasion of surprisingly conventional forms of commercialization into the web’s every corner. What of the web’s once bold promise of social transformation? We hash out what’s happened with...